MoPho with Summit CRS

In this guide you will learn how to setup MoPho with the Summit Management System. This will cover setting up a shared folder or using an existing one. Configuring the correct Media paths in Summit and setting up the MoPho app for sending.

For this guide you will need the following:
  • Summit installed and working in your shop.
  • Access to the Summit server or computer where your Images are kept.
  • The computer holding your Images must meet System Requirements.
  • A mobile device with the MoPho app installed.

Setup Shared Folder

MoPho with Summit CRS

MoPho requires a Shared folder to work. By using technology built into Windows, MoPho can send images to a shared folder just like another computer can. You can read the Introduction to Shared Folders guide to learn more about shared folders.
The first thing you should do is figure out if you already have a shared folder setup. Many Summit users already share their Media so that multiple workstations can access it.

Can you access your Summit Media from multiple workstations in your shop?

If so, you probably already have a shared folder setup that MoPho can use to send to.
To find out if you already have your Summit Media Images shared do the following:
  • Open the Summit Administration module and go to the Media Paths Tab.

    To learn more you can read the Media Paths Guide

  • Select the path from the "Images" field.

  • Open Windows Explorer and Copy/Paste this path into the window. This will open your current Images media folder.

  • Follow the instructions in the Is this folder shared? guide to find out if your current Media Images folder is already shared.

I have a Shared Folder ready!

If you followed the steps above and you do have a properly setup shared folder, follow the steps below:

I don't have a Shared Folder yet.

If you followed the steps above and determined that you do not have a shared folder already, follow the steps below:
  • First, check to see if you already have an Media Path for your Images in Summit.
  • If you already have an Images Media path you will want to Share the existing folder from this path.
  • If you do not have an Images Media Path yet, you will need to Create a new folder for your Images. In Summit, set the Images Media Path to point to your new folder. To learn how to set media paths read the Media Paths Guide.
  • Once you have chosen a folder and your Media Path for Images is configured, you will need to Share your chosen folder. Remember this folder should match your Images Media Path. Follow the Create a Shared Folder guide to setup this folder to use with MoPho.

Setup Summit

MoPho with Summit CRS

Read the Media Paths Guide to learn how to setup Summit Media Paths and ensure your MoPho Destination Profile matches them.

Using MoPho

MoPho with Summit CRS

Using MoPho is the same regardless of what type of management system, if any, you have installed. The only differences are where you want to send your images.

Important: Remember to use the Estimate Number for the Folder Name in MoPho and not the RO Number! This is required in order for Summit to find your images.

Read the MoPho Quick Start Guide to learn the basics about sending images with MoPho.