Media Paths in Summit CRS

In Summit, Media Paths are used to tell a workstation where your Shop's Media is stored. This includes things like images, video, scanned documents and PDFs.
MoPho should be configured to send to the 'Images' Media Path. If you are already using Media in your shop it is recommended that you use Share the existing Media directory (if you haven't already).

To open Media Paths, open Summit

Login to the Administrative Module

Click the "Media Paths" tab

On your Summit server the Media Paths should look similar to this:

On a Summit Workstation the Media Paths should look similar to this:

NOTE: If your Summit workstations do not use Network Paths (aka "UNC Paths") for the Media Paths you can contact Summit Technical Support to get them setup.

Media and MoPho

Media Paths in Summit CRS

When setting up MoPho to match your Media Paths there are a few important things to consider.

Network Paths vs Media Paths

Summit's Media Paths can be in two distinct formats:
  • Local Paths (ex: C:\DBServer\Media\Images) These paths point to your local machine using Drive Letters. Local paths are normally used for the Server's Media Paths.
  • Network Paths (ex: \\MyServer\DBServer\Media\Images)
    These paths point to a shared location on your network on another computer or server. Network paths are normally used for Workstation's Media Paths.
Conversely, MoPho only uses Network Paths
  • Network Paths (ex: \\MyServer\DBServer\Media\Images)
    These paths point to a shared location on your network on another computer or server.
NOTE: In MoPho, Network paths can use either Back-slashes "\" or Forward-slashes "/". This is done simply for convenience because forward-slashes are easier to find in iOS.
NOTE: In some cases, shops may want to use an IP Address instead of a Computer Name.
If you are using IP Addresses your Network Path would look something like this: \\\DBServer\Media\Images
When setting up a Destination Profile in MoPho this is an important distinction. If your Media Paths use Local Paths with drive letters you will need to "convert" the path to a Network Path when setting up MoPho.

Local Path to Network Path: an example

Lets take a common scenario as an example. Your Images media path is 'C:\DBServer\Media\Images'. You have shared the folder 'DBServer' located at 'C:\DBServer' that contains all of your media. Your computer name is 'MyServer'.
In MoPho using C:\DBServer\Media\Images will not work. In order to find the correct Network Path follow the steps below. This will need to be done on the computer/server where the media is stored.
  • Open Windows Explorer and open the folder of your Images Media Path. In this example it is C:\DBServer\Media\Images
  • Right-click on the folder and select 'Properties' from the drop down menu. If you are inside the Images folder you can Right-click empty space instead.
  • Click on the 'Sharing' tab in the Properties window.
  • Near the top you will see the Network Path. This is the path you will want to use when configuring MoPho.
You will see in this example our Network Path is '\\MyServer\DBServer\Media\Images'. This is the Network Path that you will use in MoPho. Here's how our example Destination profile would appear in MoPho. Note that forward-slashes are valid in MoPho and will work correctly.