Is this folder Shared?

MoPho with Summit CRS

This guide will show you how to quickly find out if a folder in Windows is shared and setup correctly for use with MoPho.

Step 1: Navigate to your folder.

Open Windows Explorer and open the desired folder or its parent folder.

Step 2: Open folder properties

To open the folder's properties Right-Click the folder and select "Properties".

OR if you are inside the folder, you can Right-Click any empty space and select "Properties"

Step 3: Check sharing tab

In the folder Properties window, select the Sharing tab on the top. We can check here to see if this folder has been shared.
Depending on if the folder is shared, this will appear two different ways:
1. Says "Not Shared" under the folder and Network Path. This means that this folder has not been shared. You will have to manually share this folder to let MoPho send images to it. Follow the Create a Shared Folder guide to learn how to do this.
2. Says "Shared" and has a network path (ex: '\\Server\Folder'). In this case the folder is shared. This either means this folder itself was shared OR one of its parent folders is shared. MoPho may be able to send to this folder without any changes. Continue to Step 4 to make sure that network sharing is setup correctly.

Step 4: Check Advanced Sharing

If you verified your folder is shared in Step 3, next we will make sure that you're settings are correct. Since MoPho will share images over your WiFi, the shared folder will need 'Advanced Sharing' in order to work over your network.
NOTE: Make sure that in this step you are in the Properties for the original Shared folder, NOT a subfolder.

To see if the current folder might be a subfolder of a shared folder, you will need to check the 'Network Path' in the Properties window. To tell the difference here is an example:
  • \\MyServer\DBServer - 'DBServer' is the name of the shared folder. We're at the right place.
  • \\MyServer\DBServer\Media\Images - This is a subfolder of our actual shared folder 'DBServer'. Open up the Properties window for 'DBServer' now.
In the Properties window, click the "Advanced Sharing" button.
In the 'Advanced Sharing' window, check to see if the folder is shared.
If Advanced Sharing is turned on, you will see that the Checkbox is checked and the 'Share name' box is filled.
If Advanced Sharing is turned off, the Checkbox will not be checked and the rest of the window will be grayed out. Checking the box will turn Advanced Sharing on. You can read the Create a Shared Folder guide to continue setup.

Step 5: Check Advanced Sharing Permissions

Still in the Advanced Sharing window, press the "Permissions" button. This will popup the 'Permissions' window. In this window, make sure that you have at least one user with "Read/Change" access to this folder. The user that MoPho uses to login will need Read/Write access to the file. Any user in this window that has these permissions can be used in your 'Destination Profile' in MoPho.

Step 6: Check Security Tab permissions (optional)

For domains in particular, it is important to check permissions in the Security tab in the shared folder's properties. The user that MoPho uses to login will need Read/Write/Modify access to the shared folder.

Thats it!

If you checked each step then your shared folder is up and ready to go with MoPho already. You can read the Quick Start guide to get MoPho sending to your shared folder.