How to get your IP Address


In this guide you will learn how to get the IP Address of your iOS Device or computer/server. This information is useful in figuring out connection issues or error messages. You can also use the computer/server IP Address instead of a computer name if you desire in your Network Path in MoPho.

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How to get your IP Address

About Subnets

About Subnets

What is a Subnet?

A Subnet or Subnetwork is a subdivision of an IP Network. These are created by 'dividing' a network into different parts.

Are my devices on the same Subnet?

When using MoPho you want your iOS Device and your Computer/Server on the same "slice" or subnet of your network. In order to find out if your iOS Device and Computer/Server are on the same Subnet you will need to compare their IP Addresses.
On many networks if the first three numbers in the IP Address match then the devices are on the same subnet. Read the guides below to get the IP Addresses of your iOS Device and your Computer/Server.
  • Example: and are on the same subnet.
  • Example: and are NOT on the same subnet

MoPho and Subnets

When you send images in MoPho, behind the scenes MoPho will find the IP Address that matches the Computer/Server name in your Network Path. To accomplish this, MoPho has to 'talk' with the other computers around it. If your iOS Device and your Computer/Server are on different Subnets, MoPho can't find out what the IP Address is.
NOTE: If your iOS Device and Computer/Server are on different subnets, you can still connect but you will need to use the IP Address instead of a Computer Name in your Network Path. If you decide to go this route, be aware that you will have to update your Destination Profile whenever your computer's IP Address changes!

How to get your IP Address

iOS Device

Get IP Address in Settings App

  • Open the Settings App on your iOS Device.
  • Touch the 'Wi-Fi' section
  • Touch the row of your connected Wi-Fi network. This will have a blue checkmark on it.
  • On this screen you will see your 'IP Address' listed.

How to get your IP Address

Computer / Server

This guide covers two ways to get your computer/server IP Address in the Windows Operating System. You may want to do this so that you can connect directly by IP (instead of computer name). If you are having trouble connecting to a computer by name then this is a good step to find the cause.

Get IP Address in Control Panel

  • Open the Control Panel Application
  • In the top right search box, type "adapter"
  • Under Network and Sharing Center, click View network Connections
  • Select an active network connection (ex 'Ethernet ...')
  • After selecting click View status of this connection in the toolbar.
  • Click the Details button in the Status window that appears.
  • Look for the IPv4 Address. This is the IP Address of this computer

Get IP Address in Command Prompt

  • Open Command Prompt ("cmd.exe")
  • Type in "ipconfig" into the console
  • Find the section named 'Ethernet Adapter ..." for ethernet connected computers.
  • Find the line in this section called IPv4 Address. This is your computer's IP Address