Main Screen

Learn the User Interface

The Main screen is your starting place in MoPho. This page's main purpose is to take images.
A. This button captures an image. The camera will light up blue when it is processing and back to white when you can take another image. After an image is captured it is placed in the "Filmstrip" in a new thumbnail.

B. This is the "Filmstrip". This is where captured images are stored in thumbnails. Each thumbnail has a number that coincides with the order it was taken in. When a batch is finished sending sent images will be removed and the numbers will start back at one. If MoPho could not send an image, it will remain in the Filmstrip.

To view the image in greater detail, press and release the desired thumbnail. This will take you to the Image Detail Screen where you can view or delete the image.

C. This button will take you to the Share Screen where you can send the current batch of images in the filmstrip.