Destination List Screen

Learn the User Interface

The Destination List Screen shows all Destinations available to send to. This screen is used to select, create, edit or delete a destination. The selected destination is specified by a checkmark. Tap a destination to select it. A Destination holds the information used to connect to your computer's shared folder and is required to send images. See the Destination Setup page for more information about Destinations.
A. The Share button will take you back to the Share Screen. The destination selected with the checkmark will become the active destination for sending to until another is selected.

B. The Edit button. This is used to edit the Destination selected with a checkmark. This will take you to the Destination Setup screen where you can make changes to the destination.

C. The Add button. This is used to create a new destination. This will take you to the Destination Setup screen where you will setup the new destination. The new destination will be added to the list when it is complete. If the destination was not setup properly the yellow will tell you to finish setting it up.

D. A Destination. The checkmark indicates that the destination is selected. Only one destination can be selected/active at a time. On the first line is the 'Nickname' of the destination. On the second line is the 'Network Path'.

E. The Delete button. This will delete the selected destination. A popup alert will ask if you want to delete the destination.