About MoPho

Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Quick Start guide. Before we begin, take a minute to learn about what MoPho does.

The MoPho App has a simple goal: to send large batches of images at once over Wireless to a PC. For Summit users you'll want to send to your media folder.

In order to use MoPho you will need a few things:
  • iOS device with MoPho installed.

  • Computer with a Shared Folder to send images to. Read the Create a Shared Folder guide to learn how to set up your computer to receive images.

  • You will need a 'Destination' in MoPho for each Shared folder. A Destination holds information about your Computer and Shared Folder that MoPho needs in order to send images. This is covered in the Initial Setup guide. Destinations are saved on your Device so this usually only needs to be setup once.

  • Of course you'll need some images to send! You will take images inside the MoPho app. This is covered in the Images section.

  • You will need a wireless network setup. Both the your iOS device with MoPho and your Computer need to be on the same network.

In most cases, issues with MoPho occur because of incorrect setup of your Computer, Shared folder or Network. Check the Troubleshooting Guide to figure out whats causing your issue. While MoPho does require a little setup time initially, once everything is configured correctly MoPho will take care of the rest.

Once you've gone through the initial setup, sending images is fast and easy. Select the Destination you setup prior, type in a Folder name if you want and press Share.

Initial Setup

Quick Start Guide

The first step in getting MoPho setup is to get it connected to your shared folder. If you don't have a shared folder setup yet, please follow the Create a Shared Folder guide before continuing. If you followed the Summit Setup Guide (or Summit Quick Setup) you should already have a shared folder setup. For each shared folder you want to send images to, these steps will need to be repeated.

1. Open up the MoPho app. When MoPho starts you will begin at the Main Screen

2. Touch the Share Button on the bottom right of the Main Screen. This will take you to the Share Screen

3. Find the destination button. If this is your first time using MoPho then this button will say 'None Selected', otherwise it will show the nickname and Network Path for the active/selected destination where images will be sent. Touch this button to go to the Destination List Screen.

4. Now you are in the Destination List Screen, we need to create a new Destination that will send images to your Shared Folder. To add a new Destination, touch the 'plus' button on the bottom left. This will take you to the Destination Setup Screen.

5. The Destination Setup Screen is where you will configure MoPho with the information it needs to send images to your Shared folder. Fill out the following to setup the new destination. Be mindful of spelling and typos as this can prevent MoPho from connecting. Remember, you can always come back and edit the destination later.
  • Nickname - Your nickname for this destination, this can be anything you want. This is be used to identify this destination so you can easily tell where MoPho will send images.

  • Network Path - This shows MoPho where to look on your Network to find the Shared folder. This should match the Network Path of your Shared Folder. To get the Network Path of your Shared Folder, right click your shared folder in Windows and select the 'Sharing' tab. For more information see Destination Setup Screen and Create a Shared Folder guides.

  • Username - The Windows username that has read/write permissions to the Shared Folder. See Create a Shared Folder guide for more on how to setup correct permissions. If your shared folder isn't password protected you should use the username 'Everyone' for more information see the Anonymous Access Guide.

  • Password - The password for the username above. This is the same password that you would normally use in windows with this user. If you are using the 'Everyone' user or Anonymous login, leave this empty.

6. Press the 'Back' button on the top left to create your new destination. You'll notice that your new destination now shows up in the Destination List Screen. If you entered anything incorrectly, you should see yellow text warning that the destination is not setup correctly.


Quick Start Guide

The purpose of MoPho is sending batches of many images at once to a Shared folder on your computer. There are a few things that you should know about images in MoPho.
  • A maximum of 30 image can be stored in the 'Filmstrip' and sent at once.

  • The default image resolution is 960x540. If your device doesn't support this resolution then the resolution will be your device's Medium quality setting. This size was picked for the highest quality while being small enough to send many images quickly over wireless. To change your image resolution, open the Settings App and choose MoPho on the left.

  • Images that are sent will be in JPEG (.jpg) format

1. To take an image you must be on the Main Screen. Press the Camera button on the bottom left to capture an image.

2. When an image is taken a Thumbnail will be placed in the 'Filmstrip' with a number. These numbers start at one and count up. When this image is sent to the Shared folder it will have this number in the filename. The Filmstrip holds all images that will be sent to your Shared folder destination.

3. If you want to view an image, press the Thumbnail in the filmstrip. This will take you to the Image Detail Screen. Here you can zoom in and out of the image in full screen. If you want to delete the image you are viewing, press the Trash Can button on the top right to delete this image. This will remove it from the Filmstrip.

Sharing Images

Quick Start Guide

Sharing is when MoPho will take your images and send them to the Shared folder on your PC.
  • A maximum of 30 image can be stored in the 'Filmstrip' and sent at once.

1. The Filmstrip on the Main Screen holds all images that will be sent to the Shared folder. Make sure you have the images you want send. If you don't have any images then MoPho won't allow you to share. You can send a maximum of 30 images at once. When you have all your images ready in the Filmstrip, press the Share button on the bottom right of the screen. This will take you to the Share Screen.

2. In the Share Screen, check the Destination. If your desired Destination is not selected, press the Destination Button. This will take you to the Destination List Screen where you can select the Destination where you want to send images. Next, enter the Name of the folder where images will be put into. If you are using MoPho with SummitCRS software then use the 'Estimate Number' associated with the images for the folder name. Now you are ready to send the images. To share images you need to be on a WiFi wireless connection. The computer you want to send images to must be on the same network. When you are ready, press the 'Share' button.

3. When MoPho starts sending you will see the Share button blinking. A progress bar will appear when images are being sent. When images are finished sending MoPho will take you back to the Main Screen after a moment. Sent images will no longer be in the Filmstrip. If any image was not sent then it will remain in the Filmstrip and must be sent again. To see how many images you sent and to where, press the History button in the top right of the Share Screen to see the last 10 batches you sent.

If MoPho has any problems connecting or sending images an alert popup will appear with a message containing the problem. See the Troubleshooting Guide to diagnose your issues.