Create a Shared Folder

for use with MoPho

MoPho requires a Shared folder to send images to. If you are not familiar with shared folders you can read our introduction to shared folders first. There are multiple ways to setup a shared folder, not all possible methods are shown here.
Summit Users: Please read the Summit Quick Start guide to learn how to setup MoPho with Summit.
Remember that you can share an exiting folder. In many cases you won't need to create a new folder just for MoPho (unless you want to). By sharing an existing folder you can keep all of your images in the same place.
If you think you may already have a shared folder, you can read our Is this folder shared? guide to find out. This guide will also show you how to get the Network Path of a shared folder.
For setting up a shared folder in Windows you can follow our Create a Shared Folder PDF Guide.