Anonymous Login Guide

for Shared Folders

Anonymous login allows anybody to access your Shared folder in the MoPho app and on your network without a password. Generally this is not recommended but in certain cases this is desirable.

This guide covers two ways to setup your computer so that MoPho can login without a password.

Everyone Access Guide


This guide covers the new method for password free login to your shared folder. Following the steps below will allow you to send images to your shared folder using the username Everyone without a password.

Anonymous Access Guide


This guide covers the old method for a password-free login. This is done by enabling true Anonymous login which doesn't require a username or password. Currently the benefit of this method over the previous guide is that by using this method MoPho will not require a username or password. Be aware that this method requires the program 'Local Policy Editor' which is not available on all versions of windows. Please note that this guide is fairly technical so you may want to have an IT Professional or Network Administrator perform the steps to avoid error.